ShareAAmiles Starts Up Again

ShareAAmiles Starts Up Again

American Airlines announced that its shareAAmiles program, which enables members of the AAdvantage program to transfer miles to another member’s account, would resume for a limited time. The current installment of the popular initiative is effective through May 31.

The program allows members to transfer a total of up to 60,000 miles in a calendar year. Individual members who are given miles through the shareAAmiles program may receive a maximum of up to 15,000 miles annually. It is only available online and is open to all AAdvantage members.

The transfer of miles from one member’s account to another’s is done online by accessing and selecting the “purchase miles” link, or going directly to, then scrolling down to the shareAAmiles section. A $25 transaction fee applies for up to three transactions as does a transfer fee based on the number of miles transferred. A transfer of 1,000 to 5,000 miles is $50; 6,000-11,000 miles is $100; and 11,000-15,000 miles is $150. Miles are credited to the recipients’ accounts within seven days.

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