Making the World a Better Place

Making the World a Better Place

In February, WestCoast Hospitality Corporation marked the introduction of its 22 Red Lion converted properties with a special event campaign, “We’re Making the World a Better Place.” The campaign featured “Team Red” — the company’s new community and philanthropic outreach initiative. Team Red focuses on the creation of associate-based teams in each WestCoast Hospitality locale. These teams identify and work on a number of projects designed to make their communities a better place to live.

Over 150 associates from throughout Red Lion arrived in Seattle to perform community service at several local projects.

Consumers will also be invited to partner with Team Red. WestCoast will offer free nights to volunteers who enroll in the GuestAwards Program.

“It’s going great,” said Stephen Barbieri, Team Red project coordinator. “We launched on Feb. 26 with an employees-only day with projects all over the Northwest. We’re now starting to add customers to the volunteers.”

Barbieri says the number of volunteers needed for each project will be limited by the scope of the project, usually requiring between two and 10 GuestAwards members. Once a project is complete, participating members will receive a certificate for a free night’s stay at the sponsoring hotel.

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