DOT will Debate Revised Alliance

DOT will Debate Revised Alliance

Continental, Delta and Northwest Airlines have resubmitted a compromise proposal to the Department of Transportation. The proposal reportedly concedes to the government’s earlier demands that the airlines make available more gates than previously offered at Boston Logan and New York LaGuardia and would implement the code-sharing more slowly than previously proposed.

The three carriers originally submitted a code-sharing proposal in August of 2002. In January of this year, the DOT gave conditional approval, subject to certain restrictions. At the time, the carriers rejected the DOT’s conditions, and proposed to move forward.

Informal conferences between the carriers and the government have been held for the past two months, in an effort to avoid any enforcement action by the DOT.

In the resubmitted agreement, the carriers acknowledged the department’s authority, accepted three of the department’s conditions as written, and asked that the DOT accept alternative language for the other three conditions.

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