Virgin Online Referral Bonus

Virgin Online Referral Bonus

Just when you thought marketing folks couldn’t possibly create another compound word monstrosity, along comes MilesMoreFriends from Virgin flying club.

This new program essentially offers bonuses for referrals. And not just any referral. Once you log onto the Web site, you’ll be able to send e-cards to friends and associates. If they choose to enroll in flying club (through the MilesMoreFriends Web site), you stand to rack up some impressive mileage once they take their first flight as a member. If it’s an Economy flight (class Y, B, L and M), you’ll get 3,000 miles; a Premium Economy (W, K and H) flight earns 7,500 miles; and an Upper Class (J or D class) flight earns 15,000 miles.

The offer is good until May 30 and is unlimited.

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