Priority Club Speeds Up

Priority Club Speeds Up

Stock car season is under way again. As we go to press, the good folks of Daytona Beach are being regaled with the gentle sounds of obscenely-high horsepower.

Priority Club has teamed up with Visa and Coca-Cola Racing to let you in on the action.

From April 1 to June 15, your stays — paid with your Visa card, of course — at participating Six Continents Hotels (InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites) can earn you bonus miles, points or racing merchandise.

Once you register, you can opt for the “Points or Miles Track” or the “Racing Rewards (merchandise) Track.”

Earn 1,500 points (350 miles), or a driver flag or collectible pin set for two stays; 3,000 points (750 miles), or a driver hat or large driver flag for four stays; 6,000 points (1,500 miles), or driver diecast cars or a one year subscription to “Track Pass” for eight stays; or 20,000 points (5,000 miles) or a Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure for 20 stays.

Just what the heck is a Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure? It’s an entertainment-based driving school that gives its students the opportunity to ride or drive in a Winston Cup racecar. The school’s mission is to provide the closest duplication of what real stock car racing is like with passing, drafting, and multi-car groups.

Registration is a must, so log onto or call (800) 315-3464.

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