Navigator, Privilege and TravelClub

Navigator, Privilege and TravelClub

Qualiflyer may have gone to its reward, but its three descendants — SN Brussels Privilege, SWISS TravelClub and TAP Portugal Navigator — are starting their new lives strong.

Through March 30, Privilege is offering 5,000- to 10,000-mile reductions on award trips from Europe to Entebbe, Nairobi. The usual 60,000 mile rate for an Economy-class trip has been reduced to 55,000 miles. And, through April 30, European trips to Stockholm in Economy have dropped from 20,000 to 15,000 miles. Similar reductions are available in Business class as well.

Navigator is offering a 20,000-mile reduction on Economy award flights from Europe to Brazil (through March 31), a 3,000-mile reduction on domestic flights (from March 10-31), and 5,000 miles off awards from Lisbon to Paris (March 10-31). And TravelClub? Try 5,000-mile reductions on trips to Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague and Vienna, through March 31.

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