Midwest Express Gets a Facelift

Midwest Express Gets a Facelift

It’s all the buzz in the heartland.

Midwest Express, that maven of quality service in the center of the nation, has changed its name.

Enter Midwest Airlines and Midwest Connect.

And perhaps more to the point, say goodbye to “Frequent Flyer” (it was never a very imaginative name, anyway) and hello to “Midwest Miles” (OK, still not exactly poetic, but you get the point).

Midwest announced the changes on Feb. 14, and has been mailing introductory materials to its members.

The changes? Midwest is partnering with American (effective June 1) and Air Jamaica (effective April 2), and bidding adieu to Northwest and Virgin Atlantic (effective May 28). Blackouts have not been a problem with Midwest for some time now, and they still won’t be. Even capacity controls are waived with the new Choice award option (50,000 miles).

Your current account number and balance will remain unchanged, and you should get your new card soon, if you haven’t already.

Questions about the changes can be directed to the Midwest Miles service center at (800) 314-7125, or you can check out the new Web site at http://www.midwestmiles.com.

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