Finally, A Legal Way to Get Cash for Miles

Finally, A Legal Way to Get Cash for Miles

As business travel budgeteers tighten their collective belts, some companies are looking at their frequent flying employees as a potential gold mine of savings.

According to the New York Times, cash-strapped enterprises are offering cash bonuses to employees who book business travel using their personal frequent flyer miles.

One such company, 1-800-Got Junk, entices its employees to cash in their miles by offering 75 percent of the cash value of flights. One employee, franchise-manager Sentwali Lewis, has pocketed over $5,000 by taking advantage of the program.

“I’ve got a new Palm Pilot and a television to show for my thriftiness,” he told the Times.

Cameron Herold, vice president of the Vancouver, British Columbia firm, said that the program has cut the company’s travel outlays by 20 percent.

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