Standby Fees Standing Down

Standby Fees Standing Down

SkyMiles members around the world are still grumbling about Delta’s recent changes, but the airline is giving its members what it hopes is the frequent flyer equivalent of antacid — a reduced change fee.

Beginning on March 1, the airline will reduce its same-day change fee from $100 to $25. Gold and Platinum members will have the fee waived entirely. The reduction will apply to tickets purchased after Sept. 5, 2002.

In a related move, Delta will also reduce its seat confirmation fee (which had been instituted in place of a standby fee) from $100 to $25.

Not to be outdone, and perhaps in a move calculated to reassure customers of its continued value, United completely scrapped its proposed $100 standby fee in December. This customer-friendly move was immediately implemented by both American and Continental.

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