Northwest WorldPerks Platinum

Northwest WorldPerks Platinum

At a time when so many frequent flyer programs seem to be tightening their collective belt with regard to award flexibility, it pays to be an elite member.

Northwest is now allowing its Platinum Elite members three segment itineraries on award trips. Previously, awards were strictly limited to roundtrips. Now, however, Platinum members can elect to travel a “circle trip” — that is, they may add an additional destination to their award itinerary. For example, a traveler interested in going from Minneapolis to New York may also stop in Boston, all on the same trip.

At present, circle trips are limited to the continental U.S. and Canada, and may be redeemed for 37,500 miles.

The drawback? Now there’s no excuse not to visit the in-laws in St. Louis on your next family trip to Disneyworld.

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