Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

If you’re like every other reader of this magazine, it’s safe to assume that you would love to see another six zeroes and a one added to any of your travel program accounts. Well, one program is going to make that dream come true for 27 of its members.

Priority Club Worldwide has introduced one of the largest points and miles giveaway offers we’ve ever seen. They are giving away one million points (equal to 250,000 frequent flyer miles) every week from July 1 until the first week in January 2002. Combine that with all the double and triple point offers they have going, and we’re talking BIG time account accumulation.

So, how do you get a chance to become a top-tier point maven? Easy – make an online reservation for any of the participating properties, which include Inter-Continental Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and Staybridge Suites. According to Steve Sickel, Vice President, Relationship Marketing, “One million points could mean that the lucky winner is enjoying a seven-day Carnival Cruise for two, nine months of Holiday Inn hotel weekend getaways, a week-long trip to Paris for four, or some brand-name merchandise like diamond earrings, DVD players and washers and dryers.”

When Priority Club was putting together this promotion, they held a “What Would You Do?” survey and found these among the “stupid human tricks” that members would go through to become point millionaires: Nearly two-thirds would wrestle an alligator or eat rats like contestants on Survivor to win the million points. Over 40 percent of the respondents would walk across hot coals. And a select few would even go to work naked!

If they won, 39 percent of the respondents would use them to take a seven-day cruise for two, 60 percent chose a European tour, 29 percent chose an African safari and, believe it or not, 19 percent of them would use the points to fly relatives to New York City for a family reunion and shopping spree. Now you can compare your own millionaire aspirations to “normal” frequent travelers.

Any way you look at this, it’s one great promotion – and all you’ve got to do is book your next stay online for a chance to win. You can start at www.priorityclub.com to begin your goal of becoming a point millionaire.

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