US Airways Dividend Miles – December, 17 2002

US Airways Dividend Miles – December, 17 2002

You may not be able to pay the Russians millions of dollars for an outer-space jaunt, but you can get darn close with your Dividend Miles and Space Adventures.

For 30,000 miles and $650, get a Shuttle Launch tour: Tour the launch and landing facilities, listen to a presentation with former NASA astronauts, learn first-hand about the Kennedy Space Center, watch an IMAX movie and much more. For 250,000 miles and $2,000, get a zero-gravity flight on what has been affectionately dubbed “the vomit comet” (Dramamine is extra).

Or, if you have high levels of miles and the patience to wait, 10 million Dividend Miles will reserve a seat for a suborbital flight on the first private spacecraft to take passengers into space (in development).

Call Space Adventures at (888) 857-7223 for more information.

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