Telephone Check-in With AAdvantage

Telephone Check-in With AAdvantage

Life just keeps getting easier for AAdvantage elites. Now, AAdvantage elite-level members have the option of checking in for their flight by telephone – and they can earn up to 1,500 miles for doing so.

To take advantage of this service, simply call the elite AAdvantage Hotline within three hours, but not less that thirty minutes, before your scheduled departure and follow the interactive voice prompts. When you arrive at the airport, go directly to your gate, present your AAddvantage card and board.

Through Oct. 31, elite members will receive 500 miles the first three times that they use the Hotline, hence the 1,500 miles. To qualify, members must have an elite-level card with a magnetic strip; be travelling on an electronic ticket; have a pre-reserved seat on an American Airlines flight within the United States and have no checked baggage. The service is not set up to handle groups.

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