More Email

More Email

Statistically speaking, the Scandinavian countries have the highest use of cell phones and online usage around. That hasn’t stopped the SAS EuroBonus program from trying to promote even more.

Through Jan. 31, members of EuroBonus will earn 500 bonus miles when signing up for the program’s new email service, which offers special price promotions, EuroBonus news and serves as a reminder to check your EuroBonus account online — faster, more convenient and environmentally sounder than paper reports. We can’t argue with that.

What makes this newsworthy (besides the bonus miles) is that EuroBonus is awarding these bonus miles even to those who have already signed up for the email service. Time to go online with SAS and refresh your email choice.

Here’s one more tip: in 2003, EuroBonus will only be distributing printed statements three times a year, rather than monthly. If you want to stay on top of your mileage balance, you’d better jump on this offer.

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