Get Some Mileage From Your College Experience

Get Some Mileage From Your College Experience

Calling all freshmen. United Mileage Plus is trying to rein in the flyers of the future with its United College Plus program, and the miles are remarkably easy to come by.

Any full-time college student in the United States can join United College Plus. Once enrolled, students earn one Mileage Plus mile for every paid, qualifying mile on United. Nothing unusual so far, but this is just the beginning. In addition to the usual miles, students also earn a special 2,500-mile bonus for their first and third roundtrips.

Also, for every 50 hours of volunteer work that a student completes, College Plus will award 5,000 bonus miles — up to 10,000 bonus miles per year.
Finally, in addition to being rewarded with your bachelor’s degree upon your graduation, College Plus will shower you with 10,000 miles! Talk about incentive.

With flights to and from college, not to mention spring break, students should see the mileage pile up quickly. Visit to enroll.

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