350,000 Miles Later

350,000 Miles Later

Remember the online SkyMiles auction in which a seven day vacation on a 68-acre private island in the Gulf of Maine was up for grabs? Perhaps you even made a bid. Did you ever wonder who won? Well, it turns out that the trip went under the hammer for 350,000 SkyMiles to Ken Muller of Dallas – and we’re here to tell you he isn’t complaining one bit about the cost.

“I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life and have been on a lot of top-notch vacations all around the world,” says Muller, “but this trip took the cake.”

The trip that Muller bid so many of his hard-earned SkyMiles to win allowed him to take up to seven adults and four children to experience the opulence of seven days accommodations on a 68-acre private island in the Gulf of Maine. Their residence boasted 360-degree views of the mainland and ocean, seven bedrooms and 6.5 baths. Gourmet meals were prepared by a private chef and there was a house keeping service on hand. The vacation also included use of four boats and a captain.

“We actually had tour sightseeing boats circle the island with the people peering at us and the tour operator giving descriptions of the island,” Muller said. “It was the most unexpected glorious week our family ever experienced. It was as close to a ‘Robin Leach — Lives of the Rich and Famous’ story as you could ever get.” And to top it off, the entire Muller family received a rare treat when they were fortunate enough to watch a whale surface just 200 yards from the dock one day.

To discover this quarter’s auction block deals, go to www.delta.com/auction.

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