WorldPerks Mileage Mania

WorldPerks Mileage Mania

Like to add an extra 200,000 bonus miles to your WorldPerks account? Take a few flights, sign-up for a WorldPerks Visa and buy a WorldClubs membership and you’ll be well on your way.

Northwest’s latest promotion, called Mileage Mania, is designed to reward the true frequent traveler – that is, the frequent traveler who actually travels frequently. Through Dec. 31, members will earn points when they register for the promotion and complete any of 15 qualifying activities, most of which involve actual travel or the purchase of travel.

The points earned will then be converted automatically into WorldPerks miles. For example, to earn 25,000 bonus miles a member could:

  • Fly roundtrip in World Business Class to London (360 points)
  • Fly roundtrip, full-fare to Los Angeles (100 points)
  • Fly roundtrip, full-fare to Seattle (100 points)
  • Use Check-In (20 points)
  • Purchase tickets using Reservations and fly (15 points) and
  • Register for NWA email (5 points)
  • Total = 600 points = 25,000 bonus miles.

Though the bonus miles earned from this promotion do not count toward elite status, there is no limit to the number of times a single type of qualifying activity can be undertaken. In other words, if you fly back and forth to Seattle each week, you’ll earn points for each flight. At least until you’ve earned 2,000 points, which is the maximum allowed and converts to 200,000 bonus miles.

To read the full terms and conditions and to register for the Mileage Mania promotion, go to /offers/mileagemania/#qualify and enter your WorldPerks number. Registration must be completed by Nov. 30, but members should register as soon as possible, as qualifying activities completed prior to registration will not earn points.

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