Who are the ‘World’s Greatest Travelers’? For 23 days beginning Oct. 18, 2002, international teams of two will travel from Los Angeles to New York – the long way!

Each team will travel across four continents and visiting over 10 countries. Teams will compete for $100,000 in cash & prizes and “The World’s Greatest Travelers” trophy in this annual around-the-world travel adventure competition and charitable fundraiser.

There’s more. InsideFlyer’s sister Web site, FlyerTalk, is sponsoring two teams to compete for these honors and, as this event begins, look for a link from FlyerTalk that will post up the daily adventures of our team – where they are and what travel treasures they are finding. Over 50 applicants applied for four positions and, while some had last minute work-related conflicts arise, there is little doubt that this ‘Amazing Race’ gets the interest from most road warriors who likely earn the “World’s Greatest” title just about every day. Also featured on the Web site will be a ticker keeping track on the supposed frequent flyer miles and bonuses accruing to each team member. For more information see Training for this event does require quite a few ‘mileage runs’ and scavenger hunt experience-sort of like trying to reconcile your last three frequent traveler programs statements.

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