Free Money For College

Free Money For College

Keeping the promise of a college education is a financial challenge that grows more difficult each year. But that may change with the introduction of a partnership between uPromise and American AAdvantage.

When you register for the uPromise program, you can redeem miles for a head start on college savings. Among the mix of uPromise partners are many that you can use to add to your college savings that won’t conflict with your current frequent flyer relationships. Here are the details: Once you have opened an account with uPromise, you can redeem 10,000 AAdvantage miles for $50 in college contributions and receive $25 for each additional 5,000-mile redemption. Your first redemption in a calendar year must be 10,000 miles. Subsequent redemptions during that year can be in 5,000-mile increments. You can save up to $250 per year with AAdvantage and Upromise.

To learn more about Upromise and open an account, visit and start turning your miles into college savings.

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