Executive Club Tightens the Noose

Executive Club Tightens the Noose

Hide the children and bring in the animals, British Airways Executive Club U.K. is on the rampage again, and this time the results could be devastating. In an effort to cut costs, the program wants to remove frequent flyer mileage benefits from corporate net agreements!

If the North American Executive Club program were to suggest a move like this, you can bet it would cause a second revolution. But the U.K. program plays by a different set of rules — and those rules almost always treat U.K. members less fairly than their American brethren. As an example, one need look no further than the measly 25 percent of miles flown that U.K. members earn when flying on anything other than a full-fare economy ticket.

So, just how many flyers will be affected by this policy change? It’s difficult to say, but it is presumed that British Airways currently has hundreds of such deals and the last decade has seen an exponential growth in this area.

At this point, however, British Airways is not 100 percent committed to this potential policy change. Should the policy be implemented, frequent flyers will be left with no choice but to vote with their feet.

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