Diner's Adapts

Diner's Adapts

Diners Club is now offering the Montage Card, which should appease those cardholders who have long griped about Diners not offering a revolving card. Currently the card is available to cardmembers who maintain the Diners Club card for their business or frequent travel needs.

There are three levels of membership: Complimentary, Select and Complete. Complimentary benefits include personal customer service, free add-on cards for family members, travel accident insurance, excess car rental insurance, online account assistance, club assistance (international travel service), the option to pay off balances monthly or over time, ATM cash advances, restaurant savings and a vote in Diner’s charity selection.

Select members receive all of the Complimentary member benefits plus Internet-Based Solutions, whereby cardmembers are provided with a separate account number to buy goods/services online. In the event of fraud, this account number can be changed without impacting the primary account or requiring the replacement of their plastic card. A Diners Club VIP desk is also at the member’s disposal, as is insurance (extended warranty and purchase protection insurance) and software for record keeping.

Only the Complete membership, however, offers access to the Club Rewards program. Points earned with the Montage, Diners Club and Diners Club Carte Blanche are pooled into one account. Current cardmembers who maintain their Diners Club card and acquire the Montage card can avail of the Complimentary Benefits at no extra charge. The Select Benefits can be attained for a fee of $25, and members can enjoy the Complete Benefits for an annual fee of $75.

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