America West FlightFund – August, 20 2002

America West FlightFund – August, 20 2002

FlightFund members wishing to sign up for Internet service or switch Internet providers will be happy to hear that they can now earn 5,000 bonus miles for doing something they were going to do anyway.

EarthLink and FlightFund are offering the miles when members sign up for unlimited Internet access at the monthly cost of $21.95 (the usual $25 setup fee is waived for FlightFund members). The package includes eight email accounts, a Personal Start Page, a subscription to bLink magazine and a free 10MB Web site.

America West customers will receive 5,000 miles up front after the second invoice and the miles should post within 10 to 12 weeks. In general, the terms of the deal are similar to the partnerships Earthlink has established with both Delta and Southwest.

In other America West news, members can now buy FlightFund miles online, up to a maximum of 15,000 miles in a calendar year. One thousand miles costs $25 and the price rises incrementally by $25 for each 1,000 miles until it plateaus at $375 for 15,000 miles. The price looks right until you factor in a $15 transaction fee plus applicable taxes. However, FlightFund also allows members to give the miles as gifts, again up to a 15,000 mile maximum.

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