A Rewarding Use of Miles

A Rewarding Use of Miles

Many charitable organizations rely on miles and points donations to provide travel assistance to those in need. Now, frequent flyers who would like to donate their miles can find out about the various causes that need assistance in one convenient location, MileDonor.com.

MileDonor is a non-profit effort that facilitates the donation of miles, points and awards for personal and charitable use worldwide. In addition to bringing potential donors together with those in need, the site also leads frequent flyers through the steps they should take to donate their miles.

The MileDonor site is unique in that donors can elect to donate their miles and/or points to a charitable organization, or directly to a person in need. For example, a visitor to the site could read about Shen, a 12 year-old girl from Grenada who is hoping to come to the United States in early March to have surgery that will help her walk. Shen needs a donation of 100,000 AAdvantage miles so that her mother and herself can fly to Florida for the operation.

Find out more about Shen, and others in need of miles and points, and learn how you can help at http://www.miledonor.com.

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