A Mileage Run To End All Mileage Runs

A Mileage Run To End All Mileage Runs

By the time you read this, our Editor, Randy Petersen, will have become one of the more heavy duty frequent flyers we’ve encountered – not that he wasn’t already.

Teaming up with US Airways and Six Continents Hotels, Randy left on Oct. 19 on a “Come Fly With Me” mileage run, encompassing 14 days, 70 flights and 52,457 actual flight miles (over 157,000 miles with his double miles bonus and elite-level bonus miles). By the time he’s finished, Randy will have spent over 180 hours in the air, visited 38 states (every state to which US Airways flies), the Caribbean, Canada and Europe.

The idea was to promote safe skies and help convince the traveling public that it’s time to get back to travel. All throughout his trip, Randy kept a personal diary. You can read his diary entries and find more information about the trip at www.webflyer.com/fly.

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